> Project Inspection Services
> Turnaround Planning & Management
> Shop Surveillance / Inspection
> Run & Maintain Program
> Piping Inspection Plan Development

Turnaround Planning & Management
Our turnaround planning and management program at PGL focuses on the total picture. Prior to a scheduled turnaround, our team will develop an environmentally sound, cost-effective and work-safe plan to ensure project completion. Our idea is to develop a diverse blend of ideas that weave current technology and the best talent into a well-structured plan.

We can provide API-certified, trained professionals with experience in the inspection of pressure vessels, exchangers, piping and tank inspections.

• API 510
• API 570
• API 653

Listed below are some of our turnaround services:

•  Internal & External Inspections
•  Vendor / Shop Surveillance
•  PRV Audits
•  Tube Bundle Inspections
•  Inspection of New Installations
•  Flange Makeup Inspections
•  Pressure Testing
•  Documentation
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